First-Year Convocation

First-Year Convocation, August 24, 2016, 9:00 a.m., Sports Arena

Students and Families

First-Year Convocation is the first formal event of each academic year and serves as the official welcome for all new students entering SUNY Buffalo State.

Convocation, from the Latin words meaning "to call together," has been used to describe a ceremonial assembly of members of a college since the fifteenth century.

The event provides first-year students with the opportunity to hear from Buffalo State's administration, as well as meet fellow classmates and faculty. It signifies the beginning of a student's journey into the world of academia, just as Commencement observes the completion of studies at Buffalo State for our seniors.

Faculty and Staff: Please join us!

This event requires the enthusiastic participation of our campus community to succeed.

All departments and offices are encouraged to allow their staff members to support this event as a work assignment for that morning by allowing personnel to march, volunteer, or simply attend the event as an audience member.

Faculty and staff members are urged to process in regalia to demonstrate Buffalo State's commitment to incoming students.

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