About Us

University College is the academic home for first-year and undeclared students.

Providing advisement, academic support, and student-learning opportunities, our office removes obstacles to student success, eases the transition to college, and engages students with the Buffalo State experience.


The mission of the University College at Buffalo State is to administer academic programs broader than a single academic discipline that:

  • teach courses that provide the intellectual foundations essential for all Buffalo State students
  • enrich the learning experience of students in any major
  • provide knowledge and develop skills that help students excel academically
  • help all first-year students transition to college academics and college life successfully
  • assist undeclared students in selecting an appropriate major for their goal


University College at Buffalo State will be known as a leader at Buffalo State and throughout higher education for:

  • rigorous and creative teaching and service to students
  • the academic successes of Buffalo State first-year, second-year, undeclared, non-matriculated, at-risk, and honors students
  • exceptional collegiality and service

Core Values

Community: University College seeks to create meaningful sense of community as the context in which our instruction, advisement, and service occur.

Rigor: Courses taught in University College will maintain a high standard of academic performance that ensures that Buffalo State students are prepared to succeed as citizens of a challenging world. Proactive advisement, creative pedagogies, and learning assistance do not compromise academic rigor, nor do they absolve students from the responsibility for their own academic success. An excellent liberal arts education requires that students experience diverse ideas, world views, peoples, and academic disciplines.  

Responsibility: Students must learn college policies, fulfill the college’s expectations of students, make appropriate decisions about their education, and accept the consequences of these choices. While the faculty and staff of University College teach, advise, and mentor, students ultimately decide and act. The faculty and staff of University College must understand Buffalo State policies, current developments in our academic disciplines, and best practices in higher education. We are then obligated to provide excellent instruction and service based on this knowledge.

Intentionality: The organizational operations of University College and its constituent programs should reflect a purposeful, comprehensive, rigorous, and integrated approach to learning and student success. Students should make informed and intentional decisions about the many academic and personal opportunities before them.

Assessment: Students are entitled to substantive feedback that helps them deepen their learning and improve their academic performance. Programmatic assessment provides the evidence that University College programs are meeting their goals and informs their continuous efforts to improve teaching and service.

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